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5 Zoho Applications That Can Take Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level

Zoho applications

There are a wide variety of Zoho applications in the market and many can provide you with assistance when it comes to effective marketing. One of the benefits to Zoho apps is that they integrate with one another, thus sharing data back and forth between them.

Below are five apps that you can use to boost your marketing efforts without doing all of the work manually.

Zoho CRM

CRM systems are gaining in popularity and this is because of the amount of marketing data it can provide you. Research has shown that 75% of companies are not only NOT nurturing sales, but have no idea about the process. Zoho CRM will help you to nurture leads within the sales funnel so you can close more deals. This is done by providing you with a 360 degree view of the sales cycle. You can spot trends and opportunities, thus being able to increase efficiency and reduce costs. As you notice issues with leads being lost, you can fix systems in order to capture more of the leads that come in the door and close more deals, too.


Marketing campaigns can be hard work, and you may not be creating or sending them as often as you wish. With Zoho, the Campaigns app will help you to create email campaigns that are graphic and informative. You can not only schedule and send the email campaigns, but also track the open and click rates. With more effective tracking, you can start to do A/B testing to see what works the best in terms of email subject lines to get people to open as well as calls to action that will get people to click on the links within an email.

Further, you can build lasting relationships with customers and lure them back into the sales funnel on a regular basis. The campaigns should be a mix of promotional and informative to keep customers engaged rather than searching for the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.


Site visitors should be converted into customers. The more that convert, the higher your conversion rate is. You will have the ability to track visitors, identify all of the fresh leads that come in, and capture and communicate leads in real-time. This ensures that people are entering your sales funnel more rapidly, and you will have the knowledge of their presence to begin tracking them. You can make first contact faster and begin to attend to their questions while offering solutions. This is of the utmost importance to do quickly so that they don’t fill out a lead on one of your competitors’ websites, one who may decide to contact them faster.


There are a ton of social media tactics out there, but it can be difficult to stay in control of them all. You don’t want to lose sight of your posting schedules or anything, otherwise all of your hard work is gone. Zoho Social is a simple app that allows you to not only schedule unlimited posts, but also manage your social networks. You can use technology to measure performance, track conversations to learn about mentions from customers and potential customers, and do it all from one dashboard.


Customer service goes a long way to keeping customers happy. When you can provide better service, it’s going to help with word of mouth marketing and ensuring that customers want to return again and again. Zoho Support is web-based software that allows you to simplify customer service and keep your customers happier.

To learn more about the Zoho applications that can help you, contact Zohelp today.