Migrating Basecamp to Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects does everything Basecamp does, and a whole lot more, for less.    In it’s defense, Basecamp has 2 versions (Version 2 or the “classic” version and Version 3 the “current” version).   Version 2 is more centric to current business communications techniques and version 3 is centric to a more socia media saavy crowd.  The following discussion regards migrating from Basecamp 2 ONLY as the Zoho program only handles Basecamp 2.


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The Basecamp to Zoho Projects migration, which has been almost 100% automated by what Zoho calls it’s “Basecamp User Migration Program” or BUMP, is a pretty easy conversion with literally zero settings other than entering credentials and authentication. BUMP is a fully automated utility for upgrading your Basecamp 2 data into Zoho projects.   I have excerpted from Zoho’s website pretty much all the documentation  regarding the nuances to this conversion/migration:


Things to remember after the data is imported in Zoho

As with this all migrations, certain data attributes are modified to adapt to migration. The following are the data modifications while importing data from Basecamp into Zoho Projects:

Basecamp Zoho Projects
Discussions Forums
Text Documents Documents
Progress or Activity Stream Feeds
Calendar Events Project calendar events will be mapped with the respective projects.

General calendar events will be mapped under a separate project called “Calendar Events” in Zoho Projects.


  • You cannot import templates and attachments because of API limitations in Basecamp.
  • In Zoho Projects, we have user defined roles like Manager, Administrator, Employee, Contractor, etc. And based on this user permission you will be provided access for projects.
  • Client users are added in the role of “Employee” in Zoho Projects because of API limitations in Basecamp.
  • Your project data will not be deleted even if you downgrade or cancel Zoho Projects.
  • Users in your Basecamp account will be added to your Zoho Projects portal, and they will be notified via mail automatically.

MORE NOTES (from me):

  • It is an “all” or nothing migration.  No ability to choose projects selectively that I can see.
  • Zoho sends notification emails to the Migrator.
  • Security / access inherited from the Basecamp user can, if too restrictive,  will interfere with the import.  The basecamp user account that is used should have full administrative rights.
  • There is no ability to “undo” the import into Zoho Projects, unlike CRM.
  • User executing the migration will receive email notification of success or failure of the run.
  • There are no changes made to the source data.
  • There is no easy way to do a full migration test

More to follow.  Any questions?  Contact Us