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There are approximately 30 different Zoho applications. Integration is Keen to these applications and Zoho apps even share common data. Competing in a tough neighborhood, Zoho continues to introduce apps that excite even its toughest critics. The most recent app is Notebook. It features note cards, an innovative concept, that puts the focus on the user through its intuitive design.

Using inviting and intuitive ways of interacting with the user, Notebook’s note cards use formatted templates to control content. A Text Card allows any various content types to fit within the template. A Checklist Card enables list creation and an Audio Card and Photo Card rounds out the exciting capabilities. With the user as the focus, the design behind each note card means fulfilling each user’s purpose.

Organizable into notebooks, note cards add a deeper dimension to Notebook. Transferring or copying note cards from notebook to notebook is easy and intuitive.

Arrangement of the cards can occur through grid and landscape designs. Through the coloring feature, many colors exist to mark the notes and even covers are available. Dissatisfied with the choices available, Notebook allows the user to create colors and covers.

Known as cloud-sync, Notebook enable the users to store data in the cloud and synchronize across several devices is they choose. Since its automatic — not just to the cloud but across all devices — access to data is available at anytime and from anywhere.

What elevates notebook is its holistic approach to designing with an eye to fulfilling even the highest expectations.

Intuitive takes on a new meaning with Notebook. A simple swipe conjures up the note cards, ready for the user to select. Pinching with the fingers on the screen serves to group and un-group cards according to the user’s wishes. Easy Motions most users already know, without compounding and complicating the Notebook experience.

The available hand-drawn artwork is stunning, giving the covers the feel of excitement or other emotion that may match the notebook created by the user. Digitized to capture every detail, Notebook also offers the user the chance to become a designer.

Complementing iOS features, 3D Touch allows users to record voice notes. Even access to recently made notes become accessible through Apple Watch. From the Notebook icon, 3D Touch enables users to create notes, making it even easier to use at anytime. Adding Notebook to the notification section allows users to view and create notes from a lock screen.

The advantages Notebook provides to the user, both through iOS and the product itself, prove innumerable. With user-friendly, intuitive approach, Notebook fulfills the need of the user-on-the-go to record, note and jot down data important to them, while expanding their ability to organized their notes by utilizing the grouping feature. Input by hand or voice fits the need of busy, mobile users. Even pictures receive the same treatment and can fulfill either business or personal needs.

For now, the app is entirely free. It appears in many languages available across the globe, optimized for tablets and smart phones.

As an added note, Zoho has more than 20 million users and hundreds of thousands companies rely on Zoho to operate their business. Since all Zoho products share data and can integrate, companies can choose to run partly on Zoho products or run their company entirely on Zoho’s suite. The support for Notebook and its reliable technology innovated by Zoho make it a special, unique product that users will enjoy.

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