Zoho Applications: Using the CRM for Multichannel Conversations and Analytics

Zoho applications


With thirty different Zoho applications available, do you know which ones could help your business grow faster? While everything from Zoho Books to Campaigns integrate and share common data, one of the most important of all is Zoho CRM. If you’ve had any experience with a CRM, then you know features matter in how you communicate with customers.

The problem is, many CRM’s don’t have multichannel capabilities like Zoho has. You want to make all interactions with customers instantaneous during specific times, and the best CRM’s let you do it without any delays.

Beyond communication, a quality CRM should always give insights and information for every department to use in your company. More so, you need one that simplifies all these processes so every employee can use it easily.

Zoho CRM does this effectively, and they continually update to reflect new business challenges.

Let’s take a look at their CRM and what you can do with it to succeed and integrate with other tools.

Connecting With Your Customers in Various Ways

Multichannel capability for communication is essential with your CRM, and Zoho gives this to you in more comprehensive ways than ever. You can easily connect with them via phone, live chat, email, or social media and keep track of each conversation in one place.

More specifically, you get features like SalesSignals, which gives you opportunity to follow lead activity in one feed. You’ll be able to see how leads interact with your website or emails.

You can even instantly communicate with your leads in real-time, eliminating delays in passing on valuable information.

For email, you don’t have to dig through a massive archive to see what you’ve written. Zoho gives you fast access to your full email historywith leads to see what you’ve discussed. This helps in repeating yourself if writing a new email.

Live chats help you determine whether your website visitors are new or existing customers before the conversation begins. You can follow customers just as easily on social media and communicate with them in real-time based on what they’re talking about.

Best of all, the CRM app allows you to have access to important marketing tools when meeting customers in-person.

Advanced Analytics

There isn’t any question analytics make for more successful businesses today, and the more thorough the better. Zoho’s CRM gives you some of the best and most advanced analytics in the industry. It gives you everything you need to see the entire customer life cycle from sales performance to churn rates.

However, they go beyond the basics into other territory like identifying regions worldwide that give you the highest revenue. Plus, you’ll be able to track all results from the CRM’s marketing automation program.

Advanced Automation

With automation becoming the future in all businesses, it’s worth remembering these are complementary tools for your marketing department and not replacing their jobs. Zoho’s CRM gives you reliable automation on virtually everything, including in accumulating information you need to get ahead of your competitors.

You can easier save information on leads and get automated forecasts about which leads are potentially the best prospects. More detailed insights on customers come from automating and organizing personal notes and comments.

All customer accounts get organized through automation as well so you see which potential deals or contacts are worth spending time on.

Staying Secure, and Scalability

Zoho’s CRM takes security seriously, and they do this with IP restrictions and two-factor authentication. They even have a unique password setup to give you the utmost in keeping data safe.

Scalability is also fast. You can basically scale at will without having to wait during times when getting an influx of new customers occurs virtually overnight.

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