Zoho Applications: Zoho Books for Accounting Software in the Cloud

Zoho applications

Perhaps you’ve already tried many Zoho applications and found out how quickly they help create better communication, security, and data storage. You’ve seen this in the Zoho CRM, their SalesIQ, or support tickets. One you haven’t maybe tried is Zoho Books if recently opening a business needing better organization.

One thing Zoho Books makes clear is they created their program for small businesses to get their financial books in order. As an accounting software, you can use this for any type of business structure, including if you’re an accountant.

Most importantly, the program helps you keep up on every angle of your finances, making it more comprehensive than similar programs on the market. This includes maintaining your cash flow, which is the most essential element to keeping your company afloat.

It’s also based in the cloud, giving you the utmost in security and convenience, something Zoho takes seriously with all their apps.

Let’s take a look at the features behind Zoho Books and how it helps all business financials finally get in order.

Fast Payments

Getting cash into your accounts quickly is the only way you’re going to maintain cash flow and keep yourself in the black. Using Zoho Books, you get all your transactions in one place so you don’t have to consult multiple sources.

The details they provide in your transactions keeps records of all your estimates, invoices, credit notes, and your recurring invoices. Through automation, the program lets you take transaction estimates and turn them into invoices, saving your accounting team hours of work.

Something else Zoho makes unique from any other program is allowing you to brand your invoices. When you send them out to customers, they’ll be automatically adorned with your logo or other personal elements as a fast identifier.

To make it even easier, you’ll be able to track your payments at any hour of the day. Thanks to the cloud, you’ll access this information through any device. Plus, you can set up auto reminders to track down late payments while notifying you when the payment comes in.

Another great feature is sending invoices in multiple languages and currencies so you can do international commerce with ease.

Automated Banking Features

With automation becoming more popular in companies, Zoho doesn’t ignore the demand for it. They bring automation to banking in their platform, including finding ways to get rid of manual data entry. Importing financial information is extremely easy, including transaction information directly from your bank account.

When you need to find something, you don’t have to go through protracted steps just to prevent discrepancies. In addition, Zoho creates intuitive features so you can quickly match transactions and line them up with your bank statements.

Those cash flow concerns you have finally get solutions with a real-time update feature.

Collaborating With Customers and Associates

Zoho Books makes it even simpler to collaborate with people most important to your business. Otherwise known as client portals, you can gather immediate feedback from your customers. Plus, the portal allows clients to make bulk payments with a click of a button, which places money directly into your account.

Giving your client freedom to go into their own portal, you’ll share quotes with them there and start instant discussions without delays. They’ll also have access to project details and invoice information.

You don’t have to write an email to ask customers to update personal information either. Having the customer portal in place, they can update their information at will. Alerts get sent to you when they make payments, or when they don’t.

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